Tuesday, August 10, 2010

California Lemon Law

Are you saddled with a Lemon vehicle?

Are you in search of experienced attorneys to help you get out of this sour situation?

Are you deterred by the large expense that you may incur hiring a top California Lemon Law firm?

Call us at 1-800 US LEMON® (800-875-3666) toll free to reach Krohn & Moss, Ltd. to

  • Get FREE initial consultation of your case
  • Get representation without attorneys’ fees being charged
  • Pursue your Lemon Law case against the manufacturer of the vehicle
  • Seek refund of your money, replacement vehicle or cash compensation and your attorney fees

As Lemon Law attorneys, we can guide and advise you concerning your lemon law rights and the recovery of your attorneys’ fees and costs.

A purchaser or lessee of a motor vehicle has various rights under both state and federal law if the vehicle does not perform as mentioned under an express warranty.

An Overview of California Lemon Law

The California Lemon Law primarily applies to vehicles:

* That were tendered for repair at least two (2) times for a serious safety problem; or
* That were tendered for repair for any other defect at least three (3) times ; or
* That are out of service for a total of thirty (30) or more days

We will assist you to resolve your claims for breach of warranty or for violations of Song-Beverly Act but you should act promptly to protect your rights. Submit the details online for a free case evaluation to protect your California Lemon Law rights.

California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act is commonly referred to as California Lemon Law. It was enacted to protect consumers having to deal with a defective vehicle.

The California Lemon Law attorneys at Krohn & Moss, Ltd. are experienced at handling California lemon law claims for consumers in the State of California. They have successfully handled thousands of claims for lemon automobiles and other consumer products. They stay informed on the newest legal developments. For over fourteen (14) years, Krohn & Moss, Ltd. has built an infallible reputation for obtaining the best possible results for their California lemon law clientele. In fact, approximately 97 percent of the cases handled by the attorneys at Krohn & Moss, Ltd. settle without having to go to trial.

As California Lemon Law attorneys we can help you:

* To attempt to resolve your case prior to the need to file a lawsuit;
* Arrange an arbitration with the lemon manufacturer if they utilize a state-certified arbitration program
* File a civil lawsuit against the manufacturer and/or dealership on your behalf for the protection of your California lemon law rights
* Pursue your Lemon Law case against the manufacturer to get a refund of your money, replacement vehicle or cash compensation, if applicable

Call us at 1-800 US LEMON® (800-875-3666) toll free to reach Krohn & Moss, Ltd. for your FREE initial consultation so that you can learn more about how Krohn & Moss, Ltd., can protect you under the California Lemon Law and get the manufacturer and/or dealership to pay your attorney fees.


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