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3 Questions to Ask Your Motorcycle Lawyer

When hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer, there are some important questions you should be asking before you choose the motorcycle lawyer who is right for you. The questions will help to narrow it down so that you find a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer who is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and reliable and who will relentlessly fight for your rights as an injured citizen. In Denver, some motorcycle accident lawyers aren't any of the aforementioned things, so be sure to ask the following 3 questions to have a better chance of avoiding the bad apples.

The first question to ask the motorcycle lawyer you are interviewing is:

What rights do I have that need to be protected and how will you help to protect these rights?

After hearing your side of the story about how you got injured and all the details of your case, the motorcycle accident lawyer should be able to thoroughly answer this question. Most importantly, he or she should be able to answer it without hesitation. In a larger metro area such as Denver there are plenty of motorcycle accident lawyers to choose from, so if you sense hesitation or inexperience from this person, move on to the next Denver motorcycle accident lawyer with more experience.

Speaking of experience, another important question to ask is:

How long have you been practicing law - in particular, how long have you been practicing personal injury and accident law?

Someone who just started practicing law or just started delving into this sector of law is probably not the best choice for representing your personal injury case and getting you the compensation you deserve. Choose a motorcycle accident lawyer with at least a decade of experience for the best results. With the right accident lawyer, you can receive up to 3 times more money than you would by hiring no one or an inexperienced attorney. Finding a good Denver motorcycle accident lawyer is imperative to ensuring a positive outcome to your personal injury case.

A third important question to discuss with a potential motorcycle accident lawyer is the following:

Do you bill on a contingency fee (a fee that is charged at the end of the case ONLY if you are successful) and will you advance any case expenses (court costs, paperwork fees, etc) that might come up prior to settlement of the case?

Contingency fees make it easy for you to pay your attorney after the case is settled and you receive your cash settlement. No more worrying about payment plans or how you're going to pay your motorcycle accident lawyer fees. The attorney will typically take a previously agreed upon percentage of the settlement at the successful end of your case.

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