Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wisconsin Lemon Law - State With the Strongest Lemon Law Compliance

Buying a vehicle is a lifetime investment for the buyer. To protect this investment Wisconsin has certain laws and procedures. There are a few warranties provided with the vehicles to protect the consumers. Only an experienced attorney will be able to guide you through the procedures and can advise you on what is right or wrong.

Wisconsin lemon law is considered as the strongest in the country and has been providing protection for more than 24 years. From cars, trucks, semi-trucks, motorcycle everything can be protected under this law. Once your car is considered a lemon then obtaining a relief should be done with care. This can be done by an attorney as he will give you an insight on how to go about it. The vehicle falls under the lemon category if it has constant defects. These defects should be not only covered by warranty but it should also occur under the first year of the warranty coverage. Each state has lemon law and they vary from state to state.
Wisconsin's law is considered as the safest and also strongest. The law even allows you to get double the amount for your damages if you win the lemon law case. The manufacturer has to pay the attorney fees too. This law is even applicable for the commercial vehicles. There are some states where commercial law has no protection or mileage limitation. It is believed that a consumer whose vehicle comes under lemon the manufacturer can try four times to repair the defect and bring back the vehicle to the normal condition; if not then the consumer can file a lawsuit.

Get to know more about the Wisconsin Lemon Law so that you can find a solution for your car. The collateral costs include repair costs and if you have used any other vehicle for alternative transportation. Not only that as per law the any additional things which the consumer may have brought in for the damages can be reimbursed. If that is the case the court has the right to order the manufacturer to repay twice the amount of the loss including the attorney fees and any other equal expenses incurred. Before filing law suits consult with the attorneys so that you will get the overall idea of what Wisconsin's lemon law is. This will help you to know whether you can claim under Wisconsin's lemon law. Always have a written copy of the repair documents.

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